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Packing and shipping in the lower 48 states  $ 95  paid by the buyer.

Florida residents will have to pay sales tax at the Leon county rate of 7.5%.


Our carts will haul your guns, give you a place to sit, pack your ammo, hold your gun tools and carry your drinks in a hidden Igloo cooler.  They are collapsible for hauling, and light enough that a cowgirl can load it in her SUV!!


Wagon Seat $ 80

Saddle Bag Hangers $ 30

Cart Accessories


We have several models for you to choose from starting with the Economy Cart with pneumatic wheels up to our Conestoga, (shown at right), with real Amish Wagon Wheels and several models in between.  You can personalize your cart with Amish Plow Handles and saddle bag hangers to a wagon seat back rest and other upgrades. See our accessory and wheel upgrade list for details.


Once you make your selections you will have a custom made gun cart personalized to your specifications and needs.  Your cart is custom built and fully assembled in our shop.  Then it is taken apart and finished in your color, if you selected that option, then packed and shipped to you partially assembled, then you can put it back  together with ordinary tools.  Shipping is via Fed-Ex ground and is $ 95  anywhere in the lower 48 states.  Contact us for shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii and overseas.

Our carts are priced unfinished, but we can finish them for you for a small fee or you can finish them yourself.

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Built with your needs in mind



Wagon seat  $ 80

Ammo box which hangs behind the barrel rest  $ 80

Amish Plow Handles  $ 80

Saddle bag hangers(pair)  $ 30

Finish Benjamin Moore acrylic black paint $ 135

Drink holders(pair)    $ 40

Umbrella holder    $ 30

Saddle bags available soon, can be used for ammo or what ever.

Wheel upgrades (rubber wheels are standard):

Basic Spoke  $ 65

Bicycle  $ 105

Amish Wagon 14" wood or steel $ 265

Conestoga  with Amish Wagon Wheels and most of the extras  $ 1,050

Unfinished basic Conestoga  $ 715, without plow handles,

ammo box and saddle bag hangers or finish

Buck Board  with Amish Tea Cart Wheels,  

Buck Board seat and standard items  $ 515

Wheels have been changed to the same as

3-Gun Colt and Sporting Clays Kreigoff, see those pages for pictures of the wheels

Basic Spoke Wheels and standard items  $ 400

Above wheels have been changed to the same as 3 - Gun Glock and Sporting Clays Browning, see those pages for pictures of the wheels


We have the Gun Cart to fit your needs

Economy  with rubber wheels and standard items  $ 365

Custom gun carts made just for you




Products and accessories not ordered with original cart will have extra shipping charges.

Umbrella holder     $ 30

(Umbrella not included)

Click the Marshall to find out how to become a member.

Amish Plow Handles $ 80

Ammo Box $ 80


All prices are UNIFINISHED, add $ 135 for black acrylic paint.  


    Member  # 97780

Included on all models:

Built with clear Pine, upgrade to clear Red Oak  $ 350


Holds 2 rifles and 2 shot guns

Tool tray inside

Igloo cooler, holds 8 - 12oz cans

Cleaning rod or Squib remover holder

Hook for a hand towel, (golf towels work great)

We reserve the rignt to make changes to improve the product or to increase our prices as our costs go up.

Drink holders(pair)      $ 40