Clear to protect your eyes when reloading.         $  9

Amber/Orange for bright days and it's amazing how much they clear up your view in the sun.              $ 9

They are safety glasses with side shields which is imperative for shooters.

They are 100% UVA, B and C to 400nm.  The colors absorb short, high energy wavelengths of light to reduce glare and enhance contrast.

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Draw string bag with each is also a cleaning wipe, specifically formulated to use with this product. Each comes with a vinyl case for extra protection.

Be prepaired with a set of all 3           $25

Yellow for cloudy days when the light is flat.  This the same color worn by snow skiers so they can read the surface before they ski over it.              $ 9

Fit Over Shooting Glasses

They Fit Over prescription glasses or use without glasses